Prepare to Recover.

Auxilio Engineering proudly holds Trustee level membership with the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce.

Disaster Recovery Services


AUXILIO Engineering is a Florida based civil engineering company with a niche in managing Federal disaster recovery grants. We aid local governments to recover disaster costs and rebuild damaged infrastructure. Our disaster recovery services are aligned with Federal reimbursement programs and disaster recovery policy to recover disaster related costs. We utilize best construction project management practices to coordinate, track and document response actions to secure the maximum amount of Federal disaster grant funding to rebuild disaster damaged infrastructure.


In order to be effective, preparedness should be aligned with a specific vision. Our vision at Auxilio Engineering is to maximize the reimbursement of our clients disaster costs from the Federal grant programs. Overall response and recovery effectiveness is improved when the goal of preparedness is to submit claims that fully comply with emergency and disaster grant funding. We provide preparedness training that is customized for the needs of our clients. This solution is easiest with small communities or small municipalities.

See our article published in the APWA Reporter by clicking HERE.

Role of Procurement in Disasters

In a standard ICS Organizational Chart, Procurement falls under the Finance Section. It is critical for a municipality to procure recovery service contractors before a disaster in order to avoid some of the pitfalls of searching for a service provider after a disaster. Auxilio Engineering has published a short instructional video to explain some of the required procurement practices. Watch the video by clicking HERE.

Response and Recovery

Auxilio Engineering offers disaster response and recovery services to meet the demands of the situation without losing sight of the long-term recovery objectives. Having participated in some of the largest natural and man made disasters in our nation's history, AUXILIO brings experience and unique recovery solutions.